Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Have no fear...

I woke up this morning hoping it was all a dream. Could it be possible that Barack Hussein Obama will soon be in the White House? A cold chill went down my spine as I considered the possibility!

Then I looked out of the window and saw the blanket of snow that covered the ground last night. Was God sending me a message? My first thought was that Hell had frozen over... then I remembered that I was in Utah not Oregon. Was there a cipher in the snow?

I heard Oprah say that " we are all united". Uh, no we're not. Over 55,000,000 Americans voted against Socialism last night. I did not vote for McCain, I voted against Socialism!

The Democrats have finally sealed the deal... we now know for sure who they are! They have clearly shown the world that they are Socialists. They have rid themselves of the centrist Democrats like Lieberman and stand firmly in the Socialist camp. They have removed their masks and we now know their character!

I must give them credit for their success. At least they know who they are and they are not afraid to tell us.

This is something that my party was unable to do... we do not know who we are! We put forward the worst candidate in the history of the Republican party. We knew that. We were not voting for McCain, we were voting against Socialism. I was almost as afraid of McCain winning as I was of Obama. Why? Because McCain is not what our party is about! We would jst have become complacent again, basking in a hollow win, delaying our needed reform for another four years!

This morning's blanket of snow symbolized for me the opportunity to clean the slate as a party and rebuild our base reflecting the principles and ideals that our Founding Fathers gave to us 221 years ago.

We have no need to fear. We have no need to back down from the insults and mischaracterizations that are and ,will be flung our way by the other side of the aisle. It is time that we take a serious look at our party and unite to prepare for 2012. It is time that we look outside of the DC Beltway and prepare a candidate that reflects the heartbeat of America. Sarah Palin, like her or not, proved that this is possible.

It is time that we get involved and start the peaceful revolution that will bring our country back to the greatness that our Founding Fathers intended. A country that provides the possibility of the American Dream to all Americans through hard work, education, and ingenuity... not through more welfare and entitlements.

We must not lose faith in America. There are nearly 250 million legal Americans in this country... can we find a handful that are decent, honest, hard working, patriots that are capable of leading the greatest nation on earth? We have four years to find them and effect real change!

We must tap into the technological expertise of this country and develop a fool proof method of voting! I refuse to believe that an electronic method of voting is impossible. If we can develop a network of ATM's that let me, and only me, access my realtime (and always accurate) account from anywhere in the world, I refuse to believe that there is not a way that will allow me to vote once, and only once, from anywhere in the world!

I am confident that Obama's election could be the best thing that ever happened to our party... If it defibrillates our heart, if it causes us to wake up and take action, if we unite as a party and build our core values back to what we know they need to be... it will be a good thing.

We know that Socialism will fail... it always does. We also know that it will cause irreparable damage to our country if we allow it to. Do not listen to the hype that says it is now time for us to move to the center... it is not! It is time for us to stop the "political correctness" and fight harder, with every fiber of our being to defend the Constitution Of The United States! Get a copy and read it... often. Read it to your children and grandchildren until they understand it and grow to love it! It can be read in less than 30 minutes.

Thank God that the socialists did not gain a fillibuster proof majority in the Senate last night... however, we face the possibility of a Supreme Court that will be tilted towards the left for the rest of our lives. They have shown us in the past that the scales of justice are no longer balanced... that the men in black are willing to super-legislate from the bench. Though this is frightening, it is possible to overturn decisions made by them... Take time to learn how it is done!

Remember this, we would not have had Ronald Reagan without Jimmy Carter! Who will Barack Hussein Obama give us in 2012? Will we be ready? Is there an American that we can believe in that will rise up and heed the call to lead us from the hold of Socialism back to the ideals of our Founding Fathers?

Will we be strong enough to stand up against the insults, threats, rhetoric, and false promises of the New Socialist Party? Will you be srong enough to stand up for what you know is right? Or will you cower in fear... giving in to the opposition? Do you have what it takes to say "No, I do not agree with you and this is why".

The revolution will not be easy. The opposition will win many more subjects to their side through the entitlements that will come through the redistribution of the wealth of the great Americans that are the backbone of our country. There will always be those that vote for the one that is willing to give them something for nothing. That will probably never change.

Their vote is not based on knowledge. Their vote is not based upon love of our country and the republican form of government that was set in motion 221 years ago. Their vote is based upon ignorance and personal greed... they are perfectly OK with believing that I am evil or immoral in some way because I have earned more than they have through hard work... therefore the government is justified in taking it from me and giving it to them.

We are going to be hit hard... sucker punched... and we will be knocked down! But, we must not allow them to knock us out! We must be strong for the next four years. We must unite and prepare for the greatest comeback this country has ever witnessed in 2012.

I am looking out the window at the American Flag that is billowing in the wind across the street, a beautiful sight, and I will defend her at all cost... the snow has melted and the sun has busted through the clouds reminding me that we are a "Nation under God" and he is still in control and willing to guide us if we ask.

Have no fear!

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