Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The choice is yours... Choose wisely!

I have permission to share this video that was made by Dr. Slogan. It sums it up pretty clearly... We are not anointing a King, we are electing a President.

Barack Obama has shown me that he is not capable of being our Commander-In-Chief or the leader of this great nation. I truly believe that the evidence is clear that he will systematically destroy everything that is good about this nation starting with the Constitution and the First Amendment (Fairness Doctrine) followed closely by the Second Amendment.

He has been condemned by his own words... unless you have been living in a hole, you have heard them... "just words" he says...

Today it was revealed in his own words that he intends to bankrupt the coal industry in this nation... Are you listening coal miners? This is your beloved Democrat that is supposed to be for labor! Don't believe me... google the audio and hear it from the mouth of the "Great One". In the same interview, he made it very clear that his policies will make electricity unaffordable for the majority of Americans!

Do you really want him to increase taxes on anyone earning $42,000 or more (yes, $42,000... the dirty little secret the LSM does not want you to know) and redistribute it to others, many of whom never even work (That is called welfare in my world view).

Obama is ready to destroy our system of free capitalism (the machine behind the American Dream) and take us down the path of Socialism... a system that has failed miserably in every society that has tried it... and it will fail here if it is implemented. But before it does, it will cause irreparable damage to the country that our children and grandchildren will inherit!

His disciples will cry racism, and many other irrational slogans to decry my words but I do not care... I love my country and I respect the Founding Fathers; believing that they were inspired by the Creator to do what they did on our behalf. And the words they penned are just as important today as they were then... We cannot let Obama and his ilk destroy overnight what they did in 1783.

If his words do not convince you, listen to the words of those around the world who are supporting him... Hugo Chavez, Ahmedinajhad, Castro, Odinga, the leaders of Hamas, to name a few... quite an elite club.

Please consider well your action on election day... drop to your knees and ask God if He blesses your actions. This is a promised land and that is the way He wants it to remain. Do not waste the most sacred right that you have as an American - VOTE wisely... Do not listen to the exit polls or the pundits... they have done everything in their power to elect their "Saviour" and destroy the team that will maintain the great ideals of this great nation...DON'T LET IT HAPPEN!

God will continue to bless America if we let Him know that is what we want!

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