Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just how much is $4.2 trillion?

As I was listening to The Glenn Beck Show tonight (best yet), and I heard, once again, the bailout and the deficit numbers tossed around like chump change (a trillion here and a trillion there), I decided to put it into a perspective that everyone (even those who voted for B. Hussein Obama) can understand:

I happen to know that a stack of crisp $1000 bills one foot high is equal to $171,420.00. That means that a stack of crisp, new $1000 bills totaling $1 million dollars would be equal to 70 inches or 5.83 feet in height.

Now, if you take the same denomination of bills and stack them up until you have $1 billion, the stack will be 70,000 inches or 5833 feet high! That is 1.10 miles high!

Now, hold on to your chair… If you stack the same denomination of bills until you reach a total of $1 trillion, the stack will be 1104.8 miles high! Last time I checked, the International Space Station orbits about 150 miles above the Earth!

They say our national deficit is $4.2 trillion (Some say it is as high as $15 trillion - though I doubt if anyone in Washington D.C. can even count that high, and it is obvious that nobody there can even comprehend a number that large)!

But for the sake of illustration, let's say it is $4.2 trillion-

You can stack $1000 bills, back to back, (not side by side or end to end but, on edge - back to back), from the Left Coast to the East Coast, and then back again, and you still will not have enough to cover the debt!

Let me put it in terms that us guys can understand:

If you are independently wealthy and you send your wife on a shopping spree allowing her to spend $1 million at $1000 per day, she will be back in just under three years (2.73 years) asking for more money.

If you send her out with $1 billion dollars, she will not be back asking for more for 2739 years!

Now, if you send her out with $1 trillion, she will not be back for 2,739,726 years!

HOLY CRAP! Wake up America! Out national deficit of $4.2 trillion is equal to $1000 a day for over 11.5 million years!

As I type these numbers, I am feeling physically ill thinking about what our government is doing to my great-great-great-great-great-great… great-grandchildren!

A message to the media: Stop throwing these figures around like they are nothing! You are doing us no service by doing so! People need to know just what it is we are talking about here!


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